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Grip Rite Nails

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Collated Nails

Prior to the Industrial Age, nails were expensive and tedious to make. Today, however, nail fasteners are quick and easy to install as well as cost effective to produce, making them popular for both indoor and outdoor construction projects.

Nails have undergone some advanced design improvements over the years that greatly enhance their strength and performance over time. Spiral nails, for example, feature a spiral shank that twists into wood fibers for exceptional grip. Ring nails, which feature small rings along the shank that act as tiny wedges, also offer added staying power that resists backing out. Other nails, including finish nails, have such slim shanks and and small, tapered heads that countersink into the wood that they become almost invisible.

Materials and finishes for nails have also evolved far beyond their iron ancestors. Tempered hardened steel nails undergo a heat process that greatly improves their durability and strength. Hot dipped galvanized nails offer protection against the elements in outdoor construction projects. However, stainless steel nails, while more costly, are the superior choice for their durability and resistance to corrosion.

AFT is proud to offer the full line of non-collated nails from Grip-Rite, one of the largest and most trusted names in nail fasteners. From framing nails to finish nails and every nail fastener in between, you'll get wholesale pricing on bulk quantities. Contact us to help you locate the perfect fastener for your construction project or request a competitively priced quote today. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help!