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Collated Staples

Held together with a light adhesive, collated staples are two-pronged, metal fasteners used for joining or binding materials together. Collated staples are installed with a staple gun or hammer tacker. The width of the staple is referred to as the "crown," and some crowns are arched so that they can attach cable or wire without crimping it.

Collated Staple Applications

Heavy-duty wide crown collated staples (15/16" and 1") are suitable for construction applications where they are valued for their strength rather than their beauty, such as roofing and attaching house wrap. Medium-crown staples (7/16" and 1/2") play a large role in home construction where they are used for constructing and installing fascia, siding and soffits, fencing and floor underlayment. Other applications include furniture and cabinet construction as well as pallet, crate and box manufacturing. Finally, narrow crown staples (7/32" and 1/4") perform delicate operations, such as installing trim and molding and constructing cabinets and drawers, as they are more easily hidden.

AFT proudly offers its customers the Grip-Rite line of collated staple fasteners, which boasts a wide variety of styles in both stainless steel and electrogalvanized finish. Use the menus to the left to narrow your search for the perfect staple for your application. When you've found it, simply request a quote and our knowledgeable sales staff with provide you with a competitively priced bid.

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