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While nails used in the early stages of a construction project are valued more for their strength than their aesthetic value, nails used for fine, detailed finish work must be inconspicuous and easy to conceal while still having the holding power to do the job required of them. Finish nails and casing nails accomplish this by having small heads designed to be driven flush with or even beneath the wood's surface. Having such a small surface profile allows for easy concealment and, in the instance of casing nails, easy removal by pulling the nail through the board. The flat head of trim nails allows them to be easily installed when securing hardwood trim, fascia, soffit and exterior trim. Stainless steel and aluminum trim nails are available in both brown and white painted options that allow them to be matched and thus blend in with the materials being attached for a clean, finished look.

Looking for bulk non-collated finish and trim nails for your construction project? AFT offers the full line of nail fasteners from Grip-Rite. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you locate the right nail for the job, so feel free to contact us, and request a quote today to receive the most competitive pricing.

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