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Non-collated nails have evolved from basic hand-made or square cut nails into a vast array of specialized varieties that suit the requirements of various applications. While a particular nail may be useful in multiple situations, it often possesses one or two qualities that make it the prime choice for the application for which it was designed.

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Vinyl-coated, smooth shank cooler nails are most commonly used in general construction and framing. They are manufactured to conform to ASTM F1667, which details the specifications for driven fasteners including nails, spikes, and staples. Though they are similar to sinker nails, they feature a smooth, flat head rather than a checkered countersunk head. Available sizes include 7d, 8d and 10d.

The extra-slim shank of fine nails makes them suitable for working with thin pieces of wood. The 3d nail is available in two finishes, electrogalvanized or hot dipped galvanized. Hot dipped galvanized fine nails are also referred to as "lobster pot nails" because they are often used to repair lobster crates. Their resistance to corrosion and small diameter makes them ideally suited to attach cedar shingles and soffit plywood as well.

Foundry nails feature a smooth unfinished shank that is used for foundry castings, metal sculpting and the construction of concrete forms. The 9-gauge nails are available in four lengths ranging from 3" to 6".

The slim, coated shank of framing nails allows them to be driven quickly and easily, making them perfectly suited for many general construction applications. Barbs on the shank help keep the nail in place. Choose between two sizes, 10d and 12d or between 3" and 3-1/4" lengths.

Truss nails are designed to secure the metal truss plates that are often used when joining two pieces of wood in building construction. The slim, 11-gauge shank aids in preventing the splitting of wood. Multiple nails are generally used in each truss to add strength while ring shank varieties offer additional holding power. Non-collated truss nails are available in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" lengths.

Finally, wrought head cut nails have a 3-sided design and a smooth bulging shank that adds holding power. With a black oxide coating and an old-world look, these nails are used in restoration work or to lend an antique effect to modern construction. Choose from 6d or 8d sizes.

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