Tap and Die Sets

Internal thread-cutting taps and external thread-cutting dies are available in tap and die sets from AFT to ensure you always have the size you need to restore or create internal or external threads. Choose from 14 piece tap and die sets up to 58 piece tap and die sets that include a variety of coordinating taps and dies as well as the wrenches and stocks needed for tapping, threading or chasing threads into pre-formed materials. The high speed steel taps and die assortments are crafted from special hi-tungsten, hi-molybdenum tool steel and gold surface treated for maximum lubricity, while the precision ground tap threads ensure accuracy and peak performance. Manufactured by Norseman Drill & Tool, these premium tap and die sets are recommended for production tapping and drilling in work-hardened grades of stainless steel and other hard metal applications. Don't forget to pair with cutting tool lubricant for quality thread formation and long tool life.