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An adjustable wrench, Crescent wrench or adjustable end wrench, features an open end with an adjustable lower jaw that can be tightened as needed to ensure a snug grip on the nut or bolt being tightened or loosened. The wrench differs from a monkey wrench in that rather than being perpendicular to the handle, the grip faces of the adjustable wrench's jaws are displaced at a 15-degree angle from the tool's handle, allowing for its use in close quarters.

AFT is proud to offer adjustable wrenches with lengths ranging from 4" to 30", and your choice of a chrome, cobalt or industrial black finish, we've got your adjustable wrench needs covered.

Why are there so many names for adjustable wrenches?

Adjustable wrenches are known by a number of names, and it is best to be familiar with them to avoid confusion. As mentioned before, outside of North America wrenches are known as spanners, so an adjustable wrench in America or Canada is known as an adjustable spanner in the rest of the world. To confuse things even more, when Americans refer to a spanner wrench, they mean a wrench with protruding pins that is used to adjust spanner head screws.

You'll often hear of an adjustable wrench referred to as a crescent wrench, which is a name that originated from one of the former leading brands, the Crescent brand. Finally, some European nations call an adjustable wrench a "Swedish key", giving homage to the inventor of the modern version of the wrench, Johan Petter Johansson.

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