Nails & Spikes

Nail fasteners are essential components in construction, woodworking, and various other industries where the secure joining of materials is required. These versatile and widely used devices come in various shapes and sizes, offering an efficient and dependable solution for connecting different types of materials, such as wood, metal, and masonry.

AFT Fasteners offers many types of nails. The most common types include:

  • Common Nails: These traditional nails have a smooth shank and a flat, round head. Common nails are suitable for general construction purposes and framing.

  • Finish Nails: Finish nails are designed for applications where a seamless, clean finish is essential. They have a small, tapered head that can be easily concealed with putty or filler.

  • Brad Nails: Brad nails are fine-gauge nails with a small, slender profile, ideal for delicate trim work and crafting.

  • Roofing Nails: These specialized nails are used for attaching roofing materials, with a large, flat head for improved holding power.

  • Masonry/Concrete Nails: Concrete nails are specifically engineered for fastening materials to concrete or masonry surfaces, featuring a hardened steel construction.

  • Coil Nails: Coil nails come wound in coils and are commonly used with pneumatic nail guns, making them a preferred choice for rapid and efficient installations.

We offer top brands such as: Bostitch, DeWalt, Grip Rite, Maze Nails, Porter Cable, Simpson Strong-Tie and more. Shop online or contact us today for a quote.