Carriage Bolts - Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Tabitha Callan on 14th Sep 2021

What are Carriage Bolts?Bolts are one of the three main designs of threaded fasteners, and are used to connect unthreaded objects when combined with a nut. Designed in the early 1800's, carriage bolts were used for carriages and carriage wheels. You don't see many carriages on the roads these days, but these fasteners are still a popular choice for wood and metal projects. Carriage bolts are rec … read more
Fasteners: The History Of The Nail

Fasteners: The History Of The Nail

Posted by AFT Fastener on 21st Mar 2017

Our fastener store at AFT Fastener loves all things and all industries linked to fasteners. We provide a wide variety of fasteners at affordable prices to all kinds of industries. Our fastener selection includes screw, bolts, anchors, nails, washers, nuts, rods, studs, rivets, cables, ties, pins, and more. Some of the industries that we supply fasteners to include aerospace, the military, petroche … read more
 Fastener History: The Screw

Fastener History: The Screw

Posted by AFTE Fastener on 21st Mar 2017

Here at AFT Fasteners, we provide a huge selection of fasteners and industrial supply products at affordable prices. Our fastener selection includes a wide variety of screws, bolts, anchors, nails, washers, nuts, rods, studs, rivets, cable ties, pins, and more. Our fastener superstore services a variety of industries, such as electronic hardware, aerospace, the military, MRO, petrochemical, constr … read more

Just the FAQs...Precision Measuring Indicators

6th Jan 2016

Dial indicators are precision measuring tools with a myriad of applications in the science, technology and manufacturing fields. They are an essential tool in many machining and fabrication processes, but if you aren’t an engineer or a machinist, you may have wondered… What exactly is a dial indicator? In the simplest terms, an indicator is a distance amplifying instrument. To indicate … read more

A Bolt that Bends

28th Aug 2015

Ask any fastener expert if a bolt can bend, and you will probably get an unequivocal “No, their strength is due to their rigidity.” However, one engineering professor at California Polytechnic State University has turned that notion on its head. Working with students on a class project in 2000, Saeed Niku conceived of the idea of a “Flexible Fastener,” a bolt designed to bend. His students … read more