Spacers are unthreaded tube-like fasteners used to create space between two components in order to provide support, alignment and positioning. Useful in a variety of electronic applications such as circuit board assemblies, panels, doors and gears, the lack of interior threads allows the entire bolt to freely pass through the spacer, and since it cannot be tightened, spacers are typically round in shape. Available in either stainless steel or aluminum, screw spacers or bolt spacers can pair with even numbered screw sizes from #2 through #10, as well as #25. Choose lengths ranging from 1/8" to 1". Trust AFT to provide you with the high quality screw spacers and bolt spacers you need to position electronic materials and components. Contact us for product information or assistance. Our experienced sales team is here to help! 

How to Measure a Screw Spacer or Bolt Spacer

Round Spacers Dimension Diagram

How to Choose the Correct Material for a Screw Spacer or Bolt Spacer

Aluminum spacers are nonmagnetic and corrosion-resistant and lighter in weight than steel, making them useful when a lightweight fastener is needed.

Stainless steel spacers offer excellent corrosion-resistance.

Zinc plated steel spacers offer moderate corrosion resistance.

White nylon spacers offer excellent corrosion-resistance and are non-magnetic. (Please contact us for a quote on nylon spacers.)