Plastic Strip Door & Curtains

PVC vertical strip doors, or plastic strip doors, from AFT Fasteners are commonly used in warehouses and food service/refrigeration areas, as well as in data centers and cleanrooms. Industrial PVC strip flexible doors, or curtains, offer energy savings and temperature control by keeping cooled or heated air from escaping. PVC strip door products also function as an economical solution to separate work areas. PVC strips are available in an array of widths, tints and thickness to suit a variety of applications. Amber or red tinted strips protect against UV light during welding applications. Clear strips block noise, prevent birds and insects from entering work areas, and they function as an invisible wind barrier that blocks dust & debris. Specialized low-static PVC strips are the optimal choice for static-sensitive environments while low-temp PVC strips can withstand temperatures ranging from -40F to +90F. Choose PVC bulk strip rolls for easy-to-install replacement strips, or PVC strip door kits from Clearway Door for a complete solution that contains both the strips and mounting hardware. Let AFT be your bulk PVC strip door supplier.

 Bulk Prefabricated PVC Rolls