Kitting & Assembly Services

Fastener Kitting & Assembly Services at AFT

Saving our customers time and money is a key goal at AFT, and with our custom fastener kitting services, we can do just that. AFT's kitting and VMI services simplify customer work processes while amplifying profits. We provide pre-packaged kits for a variety of industries which consist of screws, nuts, bolts, washers and custom parts in clear plastic bags that are labeled according to customer specifications. Each kit is triple-checked during assembly to ensure the correct parts are included. Rapid turn-around times are standard with our in-house kitting machine which allows us to produce thousands of kits per day.

Advantages to Fastener Kitting & Pre-Assembled Packs

  • Simplified Ordering and Invoice Tracking - one kit part number versus multiple numbers to accomplish the same goal, and only one invoice to track
  • Improved production - with ALL of the needed parts in one assembly location
  • Pre-approved parts inspection - AFT kits are created to YOUR specifications and needs
  • Reduced waste - decrease your packaging and waste disposal costs
  • Price stability - kitting parts are generally pre-ordered and warehoused to meet cost expectations and future production needs

AFT Fasteners Kitting and Assembly Services Include:

  • In-house kitting machine - For high production volume and accuracy
  • Trained staff when hand-packed kits are desired
  • Quick lead time
  • First article samples available
  • Custom label printing - Can include logo, description, part number, bar code, location, etc.
  • Polyurethane bagging or boxes for larger parts
  • Thermal sealed bags for a professional finish
  • Additional packaging options available
  • Customer supplied parts accepted

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

AFT is registered as a Single Site Quality Management System in conformance with ISO 9001:2015. Registration includes Machining, Metal Finishing, Electroplating, and Painting along with Kitting and Distribution of Fasteners. Download Certificate

Call us to discuss how we can streamline your production lines with pre-packaged fastener kits.