Screwdrivers & Nutdrivers

Along with hammers, screwdrivers are the most common hand tools found in both household and industrial toolboxes. Screwdrivers are versatile hand powered tools that are available in a number of styles, sizes, and grips to handle any task. AFT's screwdrivers are rugged, impact and chemical resistant with ergonomically-designed handles. With a wide range of sizes from trusted brands including Lenox Tools, Martin Tools and Milwaukee you're sure to find the right tool for the job.

Selecting a Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are simple tools consisting of four parts: the handle, shaft, blade and tip. Screwdrivers are classified by their tip and the type of screw the tip is designed to drive. Phillips and slotted screwdrivers are the most common tip styles. Slotted screwdrivers are the original screwdriver style. Also known as straight-slot or flat-head screwdrivers, they have a blade-like tip that fits into a single slot in the head of a screw. Phillips, or Phillips-head, screwdrivers were originally invented for the automotive industry, but are now common across all industries. Its four-point star tip fits into a cross-shaped recess of a corresponding screw head. This design is preferable to a traditional flat-head screwdriver because more torque can be applied with it. Though it may be possible, don't try to use a slotted screwdriver on a Phillips head screw, lest you damage the screw's head to such a point that it can no longer be adjusted.

The screwdriver tip should securely and completely fit the recess in the screw's head. A slotted driver that is too narrow will result in loss of leverage which could then result in the stripping of the screw or damage to the screw's slotted recess. A screwdriver that is too wide can damage the surface of the material into which the screw is embedded. If the tip is too thick, then it will continually slip out of the recess. Each Phillips screwdriver size also has a correlated shank diameter. Both sizes should be correct for the screw being adjusted, or it will cause damage to the head's recess. Be sure to exert pressure on the head of the screw as you rotate the Phillips screwdriver.

Shaft lengths on our screwdrivers vary from 3" to 12". To gain additional torque, choose a square blade and use an adjustable wrench near the base of the shaft and perpendicular to the handle for a better grip and additional leverage.

Several other drive styles, including Torx security screwdrivers, exist and are suitable for a variety of special applications. Should you require assistance, please contact our knowledgeable sales team. We're here to help!