Carbide Burr Bits

Carbide burrs, also known as rotary files, are small, rotary cutting tools used in die grinders, rotary tools or dental drills for grinding, deburring, shaping and weld bead removal. When used to remove sharp edges and excess material on your metal-working project, carbide burrs deliver a smooth finish and expert results. Carbide burrs are available in a number of shapes and angles to allow you to suit any application and achieve excellent results. Because rotary files require high speed rotation to maintain correct surface speed and cutting conditions, burrs constructed of carbide are superior to high speed steel because they allow for faster speeds while still maintaining their cutting edge. AFT is proud to offer premium, American-made carbide burrs Norseman Drill & Tool as well as from HTC. Choose the type, shape and size you need for your application by using the filter menus to the left, and as always, contact us with any questions. We're here to help!

Burr Cut Styles

Standard-Double-Aluma Carbide Burr Cut StylesThe material being shaped should determine the burr cut style that you choose. Standard cut, or single cut, carbide burrs only have right-hand spiral flutes which produce smooth results and good stock removal in ferrous applications. Use this cut for general deburring of cast iron, steel, copper alloys and other ferrous materials.

Double cut burrs combine left and right-hand flutes to produce a chisel-type cutting edge that delivers better operator control, reduces chip size and allows for slower than normal speeds when necessary. Because of their versatility and consistently smooth results in ferrous applications, double cut burrs are the most popular style.

Aluma cut carbide burrs are specially designed for use on aluminum, soft steel, reinforced plastic and other soft materials. High and wide flutes deliver easy chip clearance, fast stock removal and excellent finished results in softer materials.

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