Files and Rasps

Although files and rasps look similar, these hand tools are used for different functions. A file is primarily used as a smoothing or sharpening tool and used on metals. Files have series of parallel cutting ridges, or fine teeth that are milled diagonally across the face of the file. This feature makes files more ideal for final smoothing, and in many instances can replace sandpaper. They are also great for smoothing narrow or small holes or smoothing jagged, sharp metal.

Rasps are more commonly used as a shaping and stock removal tool and used more often on wood or soft metals. They have individual teeth that are raised above the surface allowing for faster removal of material. Rasps are great for shaping wood furniture, tool handles, cabinets, and sculpting.

Many files and rasps come with a tang instead of a handle and require the handle to be purchased separately. Both wood and plastic file handles are available and designed to fit most popular files.

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