Abrasive Sheets

Abrasive sheets, or sandpaper, is a type of coated abrasive that consists of sheets of paper or cloth with an abrasive material glued to the face. Despite the name, sandpaper isn’t manufactured anymore with sand or glass but with other types of abrasives, such as aluminum oxide grain, silicon carbide grain, garnet grain and emery grain. Sandpaper is available in a wide range of grit sizes and used to remove unwanted material from surfaces, either to make it smoother, rougher, or to remove a layer of material (such as paint or rust). Sandpaper sheets can be used manually or with a sanding machine, and used in many industries including the automotive, construction, manufacturing and general purpose. There are many types of sandpaper sheets including drywall sheets, pre-cut floor sanding sheets, long board paper sheets and they common 9 x 11 sandpaper sheets. Search our selection of sandpaper sheets or contact us with questions or request for quote.

Drywall Sheets

Drywall sheets are for use with a drywall sander and feature silicon carbide grain on either sandscreen or paper backing. Both the drywall sheets and drywall sandscreen sheets can be used to sand drywall, plaster, filler, and paint, the screen sheets can also be used on compound. While the sheets are an economical choice, the screens can be washed and reused.

Floor Sanding Sheets

Pre-cut floor sanding sheets are for use with floor sanders and made from a silicon carbide grain. They have a high tear resistance and cut to fit popular models such as: Silverline SL 8, Clarke DU-8, DU-8R, D48R, American Standard, Squar Buff, Clarke, Deva, and Floorking M101-24.

Long Board Paper Sheets

Long board paper sheets feature green aluminum oxide grain for aggressive material removal. The open coat design prevents loading, and it’s commonly the best choice for blending and shaping all types of automotive and marine fillers. Choose between the hook and loop, PSA, or non-adhesive type with grits ranging from 36 to 150.

9 x 11 Sandpaper Sheets

Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Sheets: For use on wood, metal, paint, plastic, and fiberglass. The aluminum oxide sanding sheets resist loading and provide a consistent surface finish. Choose between A-Weight, C-Weight, and D-Weight high-quality latex-backed paper with grits ranging from 36 to 320. Aluminum oxide contractor sandpaper packs are also available.

Emery Cloth Sandpaper: For removing rust, paint, and scale on metal. Emery cloth abrasive sheets feature electrostatic coating and flexible cotton backing, making it good for contoured shapes and general purpose sanding.

Garnet Sandpaper Sheets: For use on wood, garnet paper provides a soft and sure cut while leaving a fine, smooth finish on wood. It’s supplied on high-quality latex-backed paper in either A-Weight, C-Weight, or D-Weight paper.

Waterproof Silicon Carbide Sandpaper: The waterproof silicon carbide paper is widely used in the automotive industry on paint, body fillers, lacquers, glass, metal, stone, and marble. Choose between A-Weight and C-Weight high-quality latex-backed paper. The Silicon carbide wet sandpaper provides a sharp cut and very fine finish. It’s best used with water or lubricant. Grit options range from 60 to 2000.

Silicon Carbide Finishing Paper: The silicon carbide no-load finishing paper is stearated to prevent loading and has an electrostatic coating. Made with a high-quality A-Weight or C-Weight latex-backed paper, the silicon carbide sandpaper provides a fast cut on paint, body fillers, lacquers, glass, metal, stone, and marble. Grit options range from 80 to 400.