Safety Gloves

Hand and finger injuries comprise over 25 percent of workplace accidents, so it's easy to see  why safety gloves are essential in many work environments to shield hands from cuts, abrasions, heat, bio-hazards, chemicals and particulates. Not only do gloves protect workers, disposable gloves also safeguard consumers in situations in which employees handle food as well as protect patients undergoing medical exams or procedures. AFT offers a wide range of gloves designed for specialty applications including welding glovescut protection gloveschemical-resistant gloves and impact-resistant gloves.

Facility managers know that hand protection must comply with OSHA requirements. AFT makes it easy to find the gloves you need. Narrow your search by choosing the material, size, specification, color or thickness to ensure that you select the appropriate gloves for the job hazards you expect to encounter. With selections from trusted brands such as AnsellKimberly Clark and Boss, you'll find wholesale safety gloves that deliver the comfort, safety, dexterity and durability that you and your employees can rely on.

Safety Glove Technical Resources: