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A wrench, also known as a spanner in the U.K., grips and applies torque to a rotary fastener, usually a nut or bolt, for the purpose of tightening or loosening it. Wrenches come in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of fasteners and applications. The most common of which are open-end wrenches and box-end wrenches, as well as combination wrenches which feature both a box-end and an open-end wrench on the same tool. Adjustable, or crescent wrenches, are also popular for their budget-friendly versatility, as they are able to accommodate several fastener sizes with a single tool.

Choosing a Wrench

Wrench sizes are based on the measurement across the flats, or the sides, of the fastener that is being adjusted, whether designated in metric or inch units of measure. Wrench openings are designed to clear the nut or bolt by mere thousandths of an inch. A snug fit ensures that the wrench won't slip and damage or round off the edges of the nut or bolt head. A wrench's length is proportional to its head size. Find a wide range of wrench sizes to suit your project at AFT. Industrial quality wrenches can be purchased either individually or as wrench sets, which include an assortment of sizes housed in a convenient and protective case. Choose an industrial black finish or a chrome finish for a surface that is easy to clean and that adds corrosion resistance.

At AFT, you'll find industrial wrench offerings by trusted names like Lenox Tool and Martin Tools, which are made in America. Select the style for your project from the menu below and then search by size, feature and finish by making selections from the menus to the left. Should you need assistance, please contact our knowledgeable sales team. We're here to help!