Hammers, Sledges, Mallets & Axes

Looking for a hammer? You've come to the right place! AFT Fasteners offers a full line of hammers - from sledgehammers to auto body repair hammers in all sizes and weights. The most basic yet versatile tool used in many trades, hammers are available with your choice of classic hickory or fiberglass handles. Because they don’t decay over time, cushioned fiberglass handles offer improved durability and comfort over traditional hardwood handles. However, wooden handles are better shock absorbers and therefore reduce the hand fatigue that results over extended periods of use. Should your hammer's handle become damaged in some way, we've got you covered with a range of replacement handle sizes. Find industrial quality hammers made in America by Martin Tools by searching for your desired style among the choices to the left.

Hammer Styles

Ball and Cross Peen Hammers

Ball Peen Hammers, sometimes spelled Ball Pein, feature a forged steel head that is double-ended. One end has a flat, striking face and the other a rounded dome. Originally, this hammer was principally used by machinists in the peening process of hardening metal through impact. It is more commonly used today for such activities as striking chisels or punches and setting rivets while the ball end excels at bending and shaping metal. Cross Peen Hammers are a variation of this hammer that substitutes a wedge shape for the dome shaped end of the ball pein hammer. Cross-Peen hammers are useful in blacksmithing for the metal forging process.

Brass Hammers

Brass Hammers feature a heavy, solid brass head and function as a non-sparking sledgehammer. When a metal hammer head strikes a metal object, sparks can be generated. In certain environments, such as oil fields and refineries, these sparks can be dangerous, making a non-sparking or spark proof hammer essential.

Dead Blow Hammers

Dead Blow Hammers make a solid strike with very little re-coil as they are designed with a hollow, sand- or pellet-filled head.

Engineer's Hammers & Hand-Drilling Hammers

Engineer's Hammers and hand-drilling hammers both feature a heavy head with two round-faced ends. Made for heavy blows, engineer's hammers are synonymous with drilling hammers, though drilling hammers often have a slightly shorter handle and lighter head weight. Often referred to as simply a drilling hammer, hand-drilling hammers are small sledgehammers designed for single-handed use. They are suitable for light demolition work, driving masonry nails and driving chisels and punches.

Tinner's Riveting Hammers

A Tinner's Riveting Hammer, or simply riveting hammer, features a flat, striking head with a wedge-shaped back-end. They are specialized tools used for driving and spreading rivets when working with sheet metal.