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Trailer Assembly Parts

Trailer Products at AFT
AFT Fasteners is a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers and provides top quality hardware, parts and industry standard adhesives to the trailer manufacturing industry. These parts are commonly used in cargo, horse, utility, equipment, enclosed and semi-trailer manufacturing.

Trailer Pins

Snapper pins, receiver pins, hitch, jack, ramp gate, linch, cotter pins and more. 

Nuts, Bolts and Washers

Hardware kits, spindle washers, castle nuts, lock washers, U-bolts, carriage bolts, shackle bolts, flat washers, retainers, tapered wheel nuts, lock nuts and more.

Trailer Snaps, Links, Rings & Hooks 

Surface mount D-rings, O-rings, forged hooks with safety latches, tie down rings, snap hooks with round eye swivels, latch hooks, S-hooks, threaded hooks and more.

Trailer & Truck Stake Bed Hardware

Brackets, hinges, pins and more.

Trailer Door Hardware

Bar lock hardware kits.

Trailer Ramp gate & Ramp Hardware

Ramp gate mounting kits, retainer pins, latch brackets, linch pins, ramp springs and more.


Floorboard screws, double square truss, self-drilling, FlorTorx Brand®, Type F, self-tapping and other common trailer screws.

DOT Conspicuity Tape

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the use of conspicuity materials on semi tractors and semitrailers. Manufacturers may equip their trailers with red/white materials, as well as yellow reflective tape strips. The reflective material must have certification markings and be placed in compliance with FMCSA.

Vinyl Logos

Great for company recognition day or night, vinyl logos are often attached to smooth vehicle or trailer surfaces and can be custom designed to suit your corporate logo or artwork. Reflective vinyl logos are excellent for night-time recognition and have several advantages:

  • Highly visible for after dark advertising
  • Long lasting premium vinyl
  • Safety benefits for trailers to be visible at night
  • Best solution for public signs that need to be visible at night

Anti-Slip & Gravel Guards

Make your trailer and yourself safer from slips and falls in walk-through areas by customizing it with top of the line anti-slip and nonskid tape. AFT also offers long-lasting gravel guards in many different styles to suit your trailer's design and structure.

Trailer Assembly Parts Brochure 


Plating and Coating Facilities 

With our in-house plating and coating facilities, AFT Fasteners is uniquely equipped to offer complete and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Because we can plate both standard and custom parts without outsourcing, we are able to pass the cost and time savings on to our customers. Call us for more information.

Manufacturing Capabilities

AFT Manufacturing, the sheet metal fabrication division of AFT Industries, excels at an array of processes including engineering and design, laser cutting, assembly services, metal stamping and production, machining and part modifications. Whatever your part requirements are, we can help.

Services & Quality

In addition to our product lines, AFT offers a wide variety of value-added services. Let us help you lower storage and supply costs with our inventory management solutions which include consignment, VMI, KanBan, JIT, EDI, and U-scan it. In addition, our kitting service can increase profits and shave valuable time off of your production schedule.

Our goal at AFT Fasteners is to provide total solutions for all of your fastener needs. With that goal in mind, we are continuously expanding our product lines. If you do not see a product you are looking for among the 100,000+ that we offer, please contact us, and so we can discuss sourcing it for you.