Allen Wrenches

Allen wrenches, also known as hex wrenches, hex keys, hex key wrenches, Allen keys or L-wrenches, are used in the construction and home improvement industries to adjust screws and bolts that feature an internal-wrenching hexagon socket drive. The tool is usually either L-shaped or T-shaped and either end can be used thus allowing the user to change the reach or the torque by just reversing the end used. Allen wrenches with a T-handle offer increased turning power with a more comfortable grip. Security hex keys have a recess that allows it to be fitted to the pin in a security screw.

Allen wrenches are commonly found with long arm or short arm styles. Short arm allen wrenches feature a shorter arm making it easier to get into tight spaces while long arm wrenches offer added length.

AFT offers hex L-wrenches in inch and metric sizes, bulk quantities as well as smaller package sizes. Torx and hex wrench sets are also available.

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