Abrasive Sanding Belts

Abrasive belts, or sanding belts, are commonly used to power sand industrial surfaces, such as wood, hardwood, concrete, plastic, fiberglass, composites, and metal. Standard size sanding belts range from 1” x 30” up to 4” x 36” and can be used with a standard belt sander. Wide sanding belts are available from 25” x 60” up to 37” x 75” and can be used with a wide belt sander. AFT also offers a great selection of floor sanding belts that are compatible with popular floor sanding machines, such as Prosand, Galaxy, and Lagler-Hummel. Sanding belts are available in many different abrasive materials including aluminum oxide, ceramic, silicon carbide, and zirconia with grits ranging from 16 to 320. Search our selection of belt sander sanding belts and floor sander sanding belts from Mercer Abrasives or contact us today for questions or assistance.

Sanding Belt Materials

Aluminum oxide sanding belts offer a resin on resin bond on poly-cotton X-weight cloth backing. It provides a uniform, consistent finish on a wide range of materials.

Ceramic sanding belts feature a premium ceramic grain with top size coating for a cooler cut. The self-sharpening characteristics allow for a longer life and minimal loading. Ceramic abrasives last 50% longer than zirconia abrasives and is the preferred abrasive for large jobs.

Silicon carbide sanding belts feature a full resin bond on extra heavy x-weight cloth backing. It has a high tear resistance, and offers a competitive performance at reasonable prices. Silicon carbide belts are most frequently used in the rental market.

Zirconia sanding belts offer outstanding durability with a high tear-resistance. The resin on resin bond on heavy X-weight cloth backing provides an excellent abrasive for heavy stock removal. Zirconia is the most popular flooring abrasive.

Machine Belt Guide

Machine Belt Guide
Belt Sizes Machine Compatible
7-7//8” x 29-1/2” Lagler-Hummel, Prosand, Galaxy 2000
9-7/8” x 29-1/2” Orebro
11-7/8” x 29-1/2” Galaxy BD12
11-7/8” x 31-1/2” Lagler-Super Hummel
8” x 19” Clarke EZ-8