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Custom Parts

We create custom parts and fasteners for your specific needs.

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Importing / Mill Shipments

AFT has the solution for your sourcing needs, including mill shipments and custom imports.

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Kitting & VMI

Let AFT help simplify your work processes and keep inventory expenses to a minimum.

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Our in-house plating and coating facility specializes in Electroless Nickel, Xylan and Black Oxide.

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Top Brands

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AFT Fasteners & Industrial Supply

Import, Export & Global Sourcing Specialist

AFT Fasteners removes any roadblocks and hesitations, answers all your questions and helps you get started sourcing your parts globally. No shipment is too small whether you need a pallet, container or a mill shipment AFT has the solution for your growing business. Making U.S. companies competitive in today's International Markets is our goal.

Fastener Supply, Services & Custom Solutions

AFT Fasteners offer over 250,000 standard products online and our categories continue to expand to fulfill your needs. Plus, with our in-house services including metal plating, kitting and painted fasteners, AFT is your one-stop-shop for all your fastener and industrial supply needs. If you cannot find your specific product online or need something custom, please contact us for a quote.