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AFT provides high-quality, reliable electronic components for your electronic hardware needs. Whether you are in the computer, telecommunications, medical, entertainment or military-aerospace industry, we can supply you with the most well-known and trusted names in the electronic hardware industry. Shop our thousands of products, or contact us for a custom quote.


A few of our trusted brands include:

  • RAF Electronic Hardware
  • Fascomp
  • Cable Tie Express
  • Bivar
  • 3M
  • Unicorp
  • Keystone
  • Sugatsune
  • Alpha Grainger
  • and many others.

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Anchors improve the hold of threaded fasteners in concrete, drywall, hollow-core doors, plaster, paneling and masonry by expanding behind the material or around the hole as the fastener is driven in. Anchors are used primarily for mounting fixtures, wall construction and machinery. There are essentially two types of anchors - mechanical anchors and chemical anchors. Knowing the properties of both types will help you to decide which anchor will suit your project.

Plating and Coating Facilities

With our in-house plating and coating facilities, AFT Fasteners is uniquely equipped to offer complete and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Because we can plate both standard and custom parts without outsourcing, we are able to pass the cost and time savings on to our customers. Call us for more information.

Manufacturing Capabilities

AFT Manufacturing, the sheet metal fabrication division of AFT Industries, excels at an array of processes including engineering and design, laser cutting, assembly services, metal stamping and production, machining and part modifications. Whatever your part requirements are, we can help.

Services & Quality

In addition to our product lines, AFT offers a wide variety of value-added services. Let us help you lower storage and supply costs with our inventory management solutions which include consignment, VMI, KanBan, JIT, EDI, and U-scan it. In addition, our kitting service can increase profits and shave valuable time off of your production schedule.

Our goal at AFT Fasteners is to provide total solutions for all of your fastener needs. With that goal in mind, we are continuously expanding our product lines. If you do not see a product you are looking for among the 200,000+ that we offer, please contact us, and so we can discuss sourcing it for you.