Screw, Stud & Bolt Extractors

Remove broken screws, bolts, threaded parts and pipes with AFT's selection of high-carbon Screw, Stud and Pipe Extractors manufactured by Norseman Drill & Tool. Whether you choose a spiral style or square style bolt extractor, you'll be able to remove studs quickly and easily without damaging the threads on the broken piece. To select the correct extractor size, you'll need to know the diameter of the screw or bolt to be removed. A variety of bolt extractor sets are also available. Choose a set with either spiral or square style extractors, or opt for a set that also includes a variety of coordinating left-hand spiral drills, and you'll be prepared for any stud removal application.

How to Remove a Broken Threaded Part

1. Drill a hole in the end of the broken part with a heavy-duty left-hand spiral drill.
2. Insert an extractor tool.
3. Using a wrench, grip the exposed end of the extractor and turn in a counter-clockwise motion.

It should be noted that drilling the broken part with a left-hand spiral drill often eliminates the need for an extractor tool. The counter-clockwise rotation of the drill loosens the bolt stud enough to be removed, but when it doesn't, the extractor tool finishes the job without chewing up or causing the expansion of the object being removed.