Chisel Bits

Chisel bits are used to break up or cut masonry and concrete in construction or demolition tasks. They are typically made of hardened steel with a carbide tip, and they are designed to withstand the high impact forces required to break through these tough materials.

There are two main types of chisel bits: flat chisel bits and pointed chisel bits. Flat chisel bits are used for general demolition and breaking up concrete, while pointed chisel bits are used for more precise tasks such as chipping away at concrete or creating channels in concrete.

Chisel bits are typically used with a hammer drill or a demolition hammer. The hammer drill provides the high impact force required to break through concrete, while the demolition hammer provides even more power for heavy-duty demolition tasks.

Here are some of the specific uses of chisel bits:

  • Breaking up concrete slabs
  • Removing concrete footings
  • Chipping away at concrete
  • Creating channels in concrete
  • Demolishing brick walls
  • Removing masonry
  • Cutting through concrete blocks

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