Threadlockers are commonly used on fasteners, such as bolts and screws to prevent loosening, leakage and corrosion. It is a liquid polymer that is brushed on to the threads. Choose high or medium strength thread sealants depending on the intended application. AFT carries trusted brands such as Loktite, Jet Lube CRC and Vibra-Tite. Threadlockers often come in different colors. Confused about which color to choose? AFT is here to help.

  • RED is the highest strength and takes heat to disassemble.
  • BLUE is medium strength and can be disassembled with hand tools.
  • GREEN is recommended for preassembled fasteners and is a medium to high strength for wicking. It can be removed with heat and hand tools. 
  • PURPLE is low strength and can be used on metals such as aluminum and brass.