AFT Fasteners Introduces New E-Commerce Website

Tired of time-consuming and frustrating RFQ's? Visit our new e-commerce website and try a new way of ordering fasteners and industrial supplies. Come check us out at!

Video Transcript

Are you tired of dealing with the same old problems with your distributors? Many don’t even offer e-commerce sites, and those that do still only offer a limited selection of products at outrageously inflated prices. Plus there’s the difficulty in getting quotes from companies with multiple buyers, and then the long lead times you have to endure when you do place an order. Well, worry no longer; AFT Fasteners has developed the e-commerce solution that you’ve been searching for.

We are a full-service distributor offering standard and custom fasteners as well abrasives, power tools, and safety, industrial, and janitorial supplies. If it can help your business run more efficiently, we have it. And now we’ve made our wide selection of inventory that much easier for you to access with our newly-designed website. Unlike many of our competitors, we’ve focused on developing an online resource where you can find and order the supplies you need to meet both production volume and MRO. Plus, we offer aggressive pricing that’s consistent across the board, eliminating the need for you to do RFQs.

Our site was designed to complement the already extraordinary service you’ve come to expect from us. AFT Fasteners remains your source for custom parts and modifications, and with our in-house plating and manufacturing facilities, we can offer you custom coatings with shorter lead times. Thanks to our nationwide distribution network, you’re never far away from finding any of our products, and we can also accommodate international orders.

Trust AFT Fasteners to help solve the challenges with your supply chain. To learn more about our products and services, simply call or email, or visit us online and fill out our convenient online form.