End Mills & Milling Products

AFT is your place to turn to for high-quality, professional milling products including end mills, router bits, t-slot cutters, and more. Though they resemble each other, end mills differ from drill bits in that drill bits can only make cuts in an axial, or plunging, direction while end mills are generally capable of making cuts in every direction allowing them greater flexibility to shape the face and sides of a workpiece. Router bits are available in an array of specialized shapes to deliver detailed cuts and polished finishes for your milling project. Keyseat cutters, corner rounders and T-slot cutters are just a few of the available router bits that AFT has to offer. Shop today for industrial-quality carbide end mills and router bits crafted in America by HTC. Our knowledgeable sales team is here to help, so contact us if you need any assistance finding the milling tool you need.

Selecting an End Mill Type

The shape of the end mill tip determines the shape or angle of the cut it will make. Square, or flat, end mills create flat bottomed grooves and will produce 90-degree corner cuts. Ball end mills create semi-circular channels while tapered end mills contour and machine angled slots. Similar to flat end mills, but with added strength, corner radius end mills are created by rounding off the cutting points on the flutes which produces slightly rounded corners on the cut edge. These points are the weakest area of a flat end mill and are susceptible to breakage. Shaving them down greatly reduces chipping with minimal impact on the resulting cut shape. Shop our huge selection includes High Speed Steel (HSS) mills, Solid Carbide mills, and Cobalt mills. We have milling products with the number of flutes ranging from a single flute up to 12 flutes, so you'll always be able to find the tool you need for your machining application. Need a stub length or extra-long reach end mill? We've got that covered too!