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A wire nail with a round head, box nails have smaller shank diameters than common nails of the same penny size. This reduced diameter as well as a slightly blunted point makes box nails perfect for use in general construction applications that require the use of thin, dry wood. The blunt point of the box nail crushes the wood fibers and punches its way through instead of creating or enlarging a crack. The small diameter displaces less wood which also helps to reduce splitting, but this also has a downside. The thin nail offers less holding power than thicker nails, so it should not be used where structural strength is a critical factor.

Box Nail Selection

Box nails are available in smooth, ring and ardox shank styles though ring and ardox (spiral) shanks tend to have better staying power. Lengths vary from 1" to 3-1/2", and box nails can be constructed from either steel or stainless steel, if corrosion resistance is desired. Request a quote today, and our friendly and experienced sales staff will offer you a competitively-priced bid on box nails.

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