Cup Brushes

Wire cup brushes are designed for removing rust, scale, paint, and other surface preparation including deburring and polishing. They are intended primarily for use with portable power tools, such as an angle grinder, and feature a threaded hole and nut. Large diameter brushes allow for a quicker process on large surface areas, whereas smaller diameter brushes allow for more detailed work or for use on smaller areas. Cup brushes can be filled with a variety of materials including carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire. Carbon steel brushes are the most common and used as a “general purpose” wire brush, while stainless steel brushes can be used on aluminum, stainless steel, and other high tensile alloys to prevent contamination or rusting.

Cup brushes are available in a variety of crimped and knot wire configurations for use on a broad range of surface cleaning applications. Crimped brushes work better than wire wheels for a fine finish on a flat surface. Knot brushes provide aggressive brushing for tough jobs like removal of rust, weld scale, old paint, and corrosion.

Cup brush diameters range from 2 inches through 6 inches, providing our customers with just the right size needed for your application. Search our selection today or contact us if you can’t find the exact product you need. Our experienced sales team is available to help!