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Flexloc Lock Nuts

Flexlock® All Metal Lock Nuts are a one-piece, hex-shaped lock nut with a round, segmented collar at its back end. The segmented collar is comprised of opposed slots cut into it above each corner of the nut. When the screw or bolt reaches the collar, the slotted portion expands which creates the prevailing torque locking action.

Flexlock® Lock Nuts are available in Light Hex Full Height, Light Hex Thin Height, and Heavy Hex Full Height. The light hex style has a lesser across the flats dimension resulting in a lighter-weight nut with the same strength as the heavy hex style. The light hex, thin height style is approximately 30% shorter than the full height nut. The heavy hex, full height has the greatest locking capacity and largest wrenching area of all Flexlok® nuts. 

AFT is your trusted Flexlock Lock Nut supplier offering plain, zinc plated, cadmium plated and stainless steel parts. Search our selection or contact us today.  


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