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Joist hangers are a type of metal hardware bracket used add strength and rigidity to connections between members meeting at 90-degree angles, such as at the intersection of a truss or joist to a beam and a deck floor to an outer wall. Joist hanger nails are fasteners designed for use with joist hangers and other similar brackets.

Joist Hanger Nail Options

Manufactured from steel or stainless steel, joist hanger nails are available in a variety of finishes to suit the application. Choose a bright uncoated finish for indoor use or a stainless steel nail for maximum protection against the elements for outdoor projects, such as deck-building. Smooth, ring or barbed shanks offer increasing levels of holding power. A fairly short nail, lengths range from 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" and gauge sizes from 8-11.

AFT is proud to offer a full line of joist hanger nails. Request a quote today for a bulk order of our joist hanger nails to receive a quick and competitively priced bid from our knowledgeable sales representatives.

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