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Pocket knives, also known as jack-knives, are bladed tools that can be collapsed and put in a pocket or on a belt for easy access. Pocket knives are used for multiple purposes on and off of the job site depending on design and functionality. Simple friction folder knives, also know as farmer's knives or penny knives, are a low cost way to cut simple items such as twine or cord. Slip joint knives have blades that do not lock into place, but are held with tension on the blade from a flat bar or leaf-type back spring, and are another light duty option. Lock-blade knives, such as tactical knives, have a locking mechanism to keep the blade locked into place until it is purposely unlocked to fold. These knives tend to be larger and are used for more heavy duty purposes. Shop our online selection or contact us today for a custom quote. Our knowledgeable sales team is available to help.

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