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There are many types of building siding options to complement various architectural styles, from wood clapboard siding to cedar shakes to aluminum vinyl siding, and there is a nail fastener suited to the installation of each. Many siding nails feature a thin shank with a blunt point for optimal performance in split-prone wood.

Choosing a Non-Collated Siding Nail

One such variety is the shake nail which is intended for the installation of cedar shakes either as roofing or siding. The short, slender nail features a small head that is easily concealed for a nicer finished look. A checkered head reduces hammer slippage. Non-collate shake nails are available in stainless steel or with a hot dipped galvanize treatment for protection against weathering. Sizes range from 5d to 8d and available lengths span from 1-3/4" to 2-1/2".

Non-collated shingle nails are ideal for installing thin sidewall shingles. Shingle nails feature a narrow, smooth shank, which reduces splitting, and a large, flat head for easy driving. The hot dipped galvanized nails are available in either 3d or 4d sizes.

Crafted of aluminum, vinyl siding nails feature a 12 gauge ring shank with a diamond point. The 1-1/2" to 2" nails have an oversized head for greater holding strength.

As with other siding nails, Split-Proof Wood Siding Nails from Grip-Rite feature a slender shank with a blunt point that minimizes the occurrence of splitting. Additionally, their checkered heads reduce hammer slippage. Choose from hot dipped galvanized with a smooth shank or stainless steel ring shank nails in sizes 6d to 16d.

Finally, wood and hardboard siding nails are specifically designed with an extra-sturdy shank for improved holding power. Choose a spiral shank non-collated wood and hardboard nail for greater grip and to prevent nails from popping out. Sizing options include 6d to 16d, and siding nails are hot dipped galvanized for protection from weathering.

If your budget permits, stainless steel siding nails offer the best performance in outdoor siding applications because they don't rust, leave stains on paint or streaks on wood. AFT offers the full line of bulk non-collated siding nails from Grip-Rite, one of the largest and most trusted names in fasteners. Request a quote today to receive a competitively priced bid from our knowledgeable sales staff.

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