Trim Nails

Trim nails are designed for attaching painted aluminum trim as well as wood fascia, hardwood mouldings and soffit. The slim, smooth shank drives in easily, and the small, flat head can be driven flush with the surface. Brown and white painted trim nails can be matched with aluminum or vinyl siding for easy concealment. Painted nails are 1-1/4" long and both 12.5 gauge aluminum and 15 gauge stainless steel options are available. The full range of stainless steel trim nails includes lengths from 1" to 2-1/2" and both 13.5 and 15 gauge shanks.

All stainless steel non-collated trim nails are given Grip-Rite's proprietary Primeguard Max coating which offers a lifetime guarantee against rust. Stainless steel trim nails are approved for use with treated lumber as well as cedar and redwood. After selecting the perfect nail for your construction project, request a quote, and our experienced sales staff will supply you with a competitive bid on bulk non-collated trim nails.