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12 Point Bolts

Also referred to as a 12-Point Flange Head Cap Screw, or a ferry bolt, the flange diameter and head thickness of the 12-Point Bolt are equivalent to the head dimensions of a socket head cap screw, thus permitting the 12-Point Bolt to be a replacement for any application that calls for a socket head cap screw. The 12-point bolt head design means that this screw can be tightened with a 12-point socket wrench which allows higher torques to be applied as compared to a standard internal hex drive socket head cap screw. This feature, combined with the larger bearing area under the head of the flange design provides further benefits over a traditional hex head cap screw.

12-Point Flange Bolt (Ferry Bolt) Specifications

All sizes of 12-point flange bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 170,000 psi, a minimum Rockwell hardness of C37, and a Class 3A thread fit. ASTM A387 Grade 9 is categorized as alloy steel.

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