Adjustable Handles

When it comes to high-quality adjustable handles from brand names like KIPP, AFT has you covered. The adjustable handles are used as a standard clamping lever for many industrial applications, and can be adjusted by simply pulling up on the handle to engage or disengage the threads. AFT offers a huge selection with over 8,000 different styles and sizes to choose from including metric and inch, external or internally threaded. Does your job require a modern style handle? Consider a KIPP 2K “Cockatoo” style, which is available in a dark gray plastic with steel or stainless steel threads. Or, if you need a green, yellow, red, orange, or blue adjustable handle, consider the Novo Grip handle. AFT also carries a wide selection of classic ball style handles in either steel or stainless steel. AFT is your trusted adjustable handle supplier. Shop our selection today or contact us with any questions.