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Adjustable Latches & Clamps

KIPP adjustable latches and clamps from AFT Fasteners serve as a safe sealing system for industrial applications. The clamping stroke exceeds the dead center point which makes them vibration proof. After the hook clamp is hooked into the clamp, straining the handle can pull the parts to be clamped together by up to 5 mm. In order to compensate the tolerances or to create enough tension the hook clamp can be adjusted by means of the spindle.
AFT Fasteners is your #1 steel and stainless steel adjustable latch supplier with around 50 sizes and styles to choose from including:
  • Adjustable Latches with Screw-On Holes Visible
  • Adjustable Latches with Screw-On Holes Covered
  • Adjustable Latches with Movable Hook Clamp
  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Latches
Consider using a stainless steel adjustable latch for outdoor applications to reduce corrosion or a heavy-duty adjustable latch for your tougher jobs. Search our selection today or contact us for assistance. Our knowledgeable staff is available to help.
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