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Aircraft Extension Drill Bits

Aircraft extension twist drill bits are heavy-duty drills that have a jobber flute length and a straight shank with an extended overall length of either 6" or 12". This design gives the drill rigidity and strength throughout the length of the drill, but with a limited drilling depth. The extended length of aircraft extension drills makes them useful for drilling holes in hard to reach places, such as aircraft fastening tasks. Crafted of heat-resistant high speed steel, these drills possess sufficient hardness to drill through metal, hardwood and most other materials at a higher cutting speed than carbon steel bits. 

AFT offers aircraft extension drills from Norseman Drill & Tool that are manufactured in the United States and conform to NAS 907B aerospace specifications. The 135-degree split point HSS drills are available in fractional sizes ranging from 5/64" to 1/2" and assorted wire sizes that range from #1 to #40. A black oxide finish increases abrasion resistance while deterring chip welding. Contact us for assistance finding the correct Norseman drill bit for your project. We're here to help!

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