Backing Pads

Many abrasive power tools require backing pads to secure and support accessories used for sanding and polishing applications. Backing pads can be attached to power tools in two basic ways – either with a shaft or mandrel built into the pad body and then clenched with jawed chucks like with a hand drill, or with a central flange built in to the pad which fits over the spindle of a grinder and then secured with a nut. Abrasive discs can then be secured to the backing pad by means of a locking device, PSA, hook and loop or with a mandrel or shaft. Backing pads are manufactured from a variety of materials including aluminum, rubber, and composite materials. Besides using to attach the abrasive material, backing pads can also serve as a support for flexible discs, ensure that the maximum surface area is used when polishing or sanding, and some styles allow cool air to flow between the pad and disc to extend the life of the disc.

Be sure to select the correct backing pad for your abrasive sanding discs as there are many options to choose from such as: backing pads for fibre discs, for semi-flexible discs, for PSA discs, for hook and loop discs, and for Type R quick change discs. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – our experienced sales team is available to help.