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Ball End Mills

Ball end mills, also known as ball nose cutters or ball nose end mills, feature a hemispherical tip that are used for drilling shallow holes, machining complex rounded details and 3D contoured shapes in molds and dies, and slotting channels where a flat bottom is not required. AFT offers a variety of spherical end mill styles to suit the demands of your application including beefy end mills, spoon cutter end mills, double ended mills, designs created for smoothing and finishing, as well as roughing end mills which quickly clear a channel.

Selecting a Ball End Mill

Manufactured in America by HTC, ball nose end mills are available with 2 to 8 flutes. The design of two-flute ball end mills allows for efficient chip removal, making them an excellent choice for contouring deep pockets in base materials. Chip evacuation is not as effective in end mills with four or more flutes, but the additional cutting edges deliver a clean, smooth finish. Ball end mills crafted from M7 high speed steel, solid carbide or M42 cobalt steel resist abrasion while retaining hardness even at the elevated temperatures often reached in deep pocket milling. Choose from a variety of coatings engineered to reduce wear and friction in tough to machine materials. Both inch and metric sizes are available in lengths ranging from shorter-than-standard "stub" lengths, which start at 1-16", to extra-extra long lengths reaching over 9". Shop today for milling and machining accessories, or contact our experienced sales team for assistance.

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