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Boxed End Wrenches

Boxed end wrenches, known as ring spanners in the U.K., have a closed, ring-shaped end that encircles a nut or bolt, essentially "boxing" it in. The ring end features thin sides and a slightly offset head that make the wrench useful when turning fasteners in tight spaces.

Choosing a Boxed End Wrench

Box wrenches feature either 6 or 12 points inside the head. Both allow for multiple points of contact and thus a secure grip on hexagonal fasteners, though the 12-point configuration also accommodates square head bolts. With different sizes at each end, double offset box wrenches are a great value because you get two tools in one.

With a similar enclosed multi-point ring end, ratcheting box wrenches have the same advantages of a standard box wrench, with an additional ratcheting feature that allows them to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts with continuous action motion, without the user having to remove and re-adjust the wrench. All ratcheting wrenches are double ended, but the ends can either be straight or offset. Visit combination wrenches to find double-end wrenches with a box or ratcheting box-end combined with an open-end.

AFT is proud to offer customers the full line of hand tools crafted in the USA by Martin Tools and other top brands. Use the filters to the left to choose the type, style, number of points, size and finish you need today. Find both inch and metric box-end wrenches in either a chrome or industrial black finish. Choose individual box and ratcheting boxed end wrenches or stock your toolbox with a box-end wrench set.

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