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Car & Construction Reamers

When you need to align or enlarge previously formed holes in structural steel, reach for high-quality reamers from Norseman Drill & Tool. These made in America hole expansion tools are gold surface treated for maximum lubricity and are available in a variety of styles and sizes that are sold both individually and as part of a stocked counter display set. Let AFT's knowledgeable sales team assist you to find the right tool for your project. We're here to help!

Car Reamers

Available in two styles, specially designed car length reamers ream, or widen, holes in structural steel plates, such as those found in truck frames, rail cars, bridges and pressure vessels. Both styles feature 3-flats on the shank and are made in the U.S.A. Standard flute reamers are manufactured with a left-hand spiral and a right-hand cut. For a more durable tool, choose Type 51-AG Super Premium Car Reamers which are made from hi-tungsten tool steel and feature a fast spiral for aggressive reaming. This style also differs in that it has a stop collar.

Bridge Length Reamers

Made of hi-tungsten tool steel, bridge length reamers are built for heavy duty reaming using taper shank equipment. They are designed for the fabrication of structural steel assemblies, including bridge construction and ship building. Choose from straight or spiral flute varieties and #2, #3 or #4 taper shank sizes. Available diameters range from 7/16" to 1-5/16", and overall lengths span from 8-1/4" to 13".

Hex Nut Reamers

Hex nut reamers are available in both car length and bridge length styles. The high speed steel tools have a spiral flute and are available in diameters ranging from 9/16" to 1-5/16" in both styles.

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