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Chucking reamers are rotary cutting tools used to align, shape, enlarge and finish pre-drilled holes. Designed to fit into the chuck of most drill presses, chucking reamers are general purpose drills suitable for a variety of applications and materials. Chucking reamers differ from drill bits in that the cutting edge is on the side rather than the tip of the drill. Solid carbide chucking reamers from HTC are made in America with high quality materials. The carbide construction delivers fast speeds and long tool life while the straight flute design consists of parallel cutting edges along the length of the body that collect chips within the flute section. Shop AFT for chucking reamers in fractional, letter and number sizes in lengths from 1-1/2" to 4". Contact our knowledgeable sales team for help selecting the right hole expansion tool for your project. We're here to help!

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