Circular Saw Blades

Circular saw blades are used with standard circular saws, cut-off saws, miter saws, table saws, and radial arm saws. Most blades are designed for use on specific materials such as laminate, aluminum, plywood, and multiple others. Combination blades minimize downtime, but crosscuts and rips can have a better quality if specialized blades are used for each cut. 

  • Crosscut blades: cutting wood across the grain
  • Ripping blades: cutting wood with the grain
  • Fine tooth blades: make smooth cuts
  • Finish or paneling blades: cutting paneling, veneer, plywood, laminates, plastics, and other light gauge materials
  • Nail-cutting blades: cutting wood with nails or other foreign objects
  • Metal-cutting blades: cutting metal and pipe

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