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Clevis Pins

A Clevis Pin is solid pin with a cylindrical head, chamfered point, and a drilled hole through the side of the pin, slightly above the end. It is commonly found as part of a clevis fastener system used in construction, towing and hitching, textile machinery, ship building and transportation vehicles. When threaded through the prongs of a tang and secured with a cotter pin, the configuration of the clevis fastening system makes it possible to turn or rotate. The clevis pin is often preferred over a set screw or bolt in applications needing a small range of movement, has frequent vibrations, or where absorption of lateral stress is needed.

Custom Clevis Pins

Clevis pins are most frequently made from 1010 or 1018 low carbon steel and stocked with a plain finish. If case hardened, clevis pins will be marked with an “H” on the top of the head. If your application requires non-standard parts, we’re able to source or custom manufacturer the clevis pins to your specs. Our manufacturing abilities include Grade 5 and Grade 8 clevis pins, stainless steel clevis pins, alternative head styles, end chamfering, grooving, special hole locations, heat treatment and different coatings through our in-house plating shop.

Please contact us today if you need assistance finding or manufacturing a specific style or size. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help.

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