Clip Screws

Clip Screws are available in a variety of types, sizes, and materials. Lo-PRO Screws have a pancake style head design which allows more bearing surface for greater strength where a lower profile head is desired. The Ultra Lo-PRO head has an even lower profile when needed. Clip Screws are available with a type 17 or Gimlet point and are recommended for fastening pre-punched roofing clips to wood or light gauge metal. Both are currently stocked with a Square/Phillips combo drive and the type 17 point screws have a long life Dagger-Guard Coating while the Gimlet point is offered in 302 Stainless Steel. Lo-PRO Self Drill Screws are used to attach panel clips to metal studs and are available with a Square/Phillips combo drive and the long life Dagger-Guard Coating. For even greater corrosion resistance, try the 410 Stainless Steel with Dagger-Guard Coating option.