Choose AFT Fasteners when you need tough wire rope clips to fix the loose end of the loop back to the wire rope. Wire rope clips, also known as a cable clamp, wire rope clamp, U-clamp, and U-clip, consists of a u-shaped bolt, a forged or cast iron saddle, and two nuts. AFT has a large selection of wire rope clips in galvanized steel, cast iron and stainless steel with wire size options ranging from 1/8” up to 2-1/4”.  Wire rope clips are not designed for lifting, and it’s important to check with the industry specifications to insure the proper number of clips are being used. There are three basic types of wire rope clips: drop forged, malleable cast iron, and forged fist grip clips. For critical applications, such as overhead lifting or suspending, always use a forged wire rope clip or forged fist grip clip and never the malleable iron type because they have poorer strength qualities. Search our selection of wire clamps or contact us today with questions or assistance. Our experienced sales team is available to help.

Wire Rope Clip Specifications

Wire Rope Clip - Forged- Meets specification FF-C-450 Type 1 – Class 1

Wire Rope Clip – Malleable- Meets specification FF-C-450 Type 1 – Class 2

Fist Grip Clip – Forged - Meets specification FF-C-450 Type lll – Class 1