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corner-rounding-end-mill-in-action.jpgAlso known as radius cutters, Corner Rounding End Mills are rotary cutting tools used in milling & machining applications to round the corners off of workpiece edges, holes and slots. The flutes of the non-center cutting tools have a concave radius that mills convex edges on the outside diameter, leaving a smooth, uniform finish. AFT offers single-end corner rounders with cut diameters (the diameter of the cutting head) ranging from 1/2" to 1-15/16". A corner rounding end mill's size is determined by the radius of the circular cut that it delivers. The maximum radius that a corner rounder can make is one-quarter circle. Select a mill crafted in the U.S.A. by HTC from high speed steel or choose cobalt for increased hardness and tool life. A titanium nitride coated corner rounding end mill offers added speed, tool life and lubricity. Shop AFT for all your milling accessories today!

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