Cotter Pins

Cotter pins, or split pins, are double-bodied metal fasteners formed from half-round wire and a loop at one end which forms a head. Cotter pins are used to anchor various assemblies by inserting into a drilled hole of a shaft or pin and then spreading the ends to hold the assembly in position. When used with castle, slotted nuts or clevis pins, it becomes a safety locking device. Common materials include mild steel, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum – all soft metals allowing for the pins to be easily installed and removed.

Cotter Pin Options

They can be bent into different styles and shapes such as extended prong cotter pins, chisel point cotter pins, hammerlock cotter pins, self-locking cotter pins, tee head cotter pins, hairpin, and bow-tie pins. As a cotter pin supplier, AFT carries a large selection of sizes with lengths ranging from 1/2” up to 4”. We’re also able to manufacture-to-print cotter pins needed for your application.